Marketing Tips for Freelance Writers

julie gagner content writer at computerWhile working as a freelancer or contract worker for content jobs can provide the flexibility and variety that many writers are looking for, it can be difficult to juggle the work with marketing yourself and managing your career development. Here are some steps you can take to maximize your exposure without taking too much time out of your work week.

Get a Website

No matter what type of business you are in, it’s critical to have a website to establish your legitimacy as a company or independent employee. If you can’t buy your name as a domain (like I did with, then consider using an alternative, such as a .net or .biz extension, or a different variation on your name. Websites can be created quickly and easily with sites like Wix or GoDaddy if you aren’t technically savvy, or for those with a little bit of technical know-how, with WordPress. If you have some budget to work with, consider hiring a professional website designer and a marketing content writer for help. This can be a great way to get a professional website design and searchable content that gets you noticed.

Promote Yourself Through Networking

Networking is still one of the best ways for freelance writers of all types to get noticed. Using LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential clients and to remind past clients that you are still available for work. During slower times of the year, using social networking and in-person meet ups can be a helpful way to generate new business. Try developing new professional relationships by commenting on blog posts on LinkedIn, following company’s that you are interested in and retweeting and commenting on stories that you like on Twitter. Generating an electronic trail of your interests and connections, along with actually interacting with human beings, is a smart way to promote yourself and your services.

Be Yourself, Be Specific

Really think about what type of writing services you want to offer. Are you a technical writer with a background in engineering or a marketing copywriter focused on new technologies? Developing a focus and being consistent throughout your social media profiles, resume and professional website helps potential clients see exactly what you do at a glance. Make it easy for busy professionals to see how you can help them by listing your offerings in easy to read bullet points, having a portfolio page on your website and focusing on relevant industry topics in your blog or article commenting. And don’t forget to be genuine – being yourself is the best way to generate the most helpful professional relationships.

Whether you are an advertising copywriter, freelance marketing consultant or professional editor, taking the time to effectively promote yourself is just one of the ways you can develop your career and build a strong reputation in the business community. No matter what you do to promote yourself or your business, be consistent and targeted in your approach – this will help you focus your efforts and will make your marketing goals easier to attain.

About the Author

Julie Gagner has been a marketing content writer and content manager for over ten years, working for corporations and small businesses throughout her hometown area in the Pacific Northwest, and other locations in the US and beyond. She currently specializes in marketing consulting services, content writing for websites, blogs and marketing collateral and technical writing. Contact Julie at